IĀ graduated from McMaster University’s Marketing Program. I enjoyed studying Consumer Behaviour, Branding, Social Media Research Techniques and similar courses.

It surprised me to learn that most of the companies and/or corporations are investing in learning more about their customers, prior to developing a product. They are an example of a successful and profitable “brand – consumer” connectivity.

Some industries are still missing this point, and having huge losses. As an example, the Entertainment Industry sometimes invests millions in developing a brand in the form of a movie or content, that simply does not retain any audience.

I am continuing my educational journey by studying Screenwriting. For me, an art that combines in one pen (or laptop) heart and intellect, if you take one out, nobody will like to read your work.

During my free time, I enjoy martial arts, fitness, languages, writing and travelling the world!

E-mail: labiramus@gmail.com

Twitter: @ramusfl