Anonymous Browsing data: It is not so anonymous anymore

I always was interested to know how companies can track our browsing habits and consequently advertise similar products or brands back to us. Well, it turned out that  we are not so “anonymous” in the internet browsing.

According to the latest Forbes article “Anonymous Browsing Data Isn’t Anonymous As you Think” our browsing habits are carefully analyzed by marketing experts.


The author of the article Lee Mathews writes: “When you visit a website — just about any website — your visit is logged by third parties in a digital record. Advertisers use that information to make sure you see ads that are relevant to your interests. Content providers use it to make sure they’re posting videos and articles that you’ll want to watch and read”.

So, how secure and private is our internet browsing? It appears that it is not so secure nor private, based on the marketing strategists and the number of advertising we get after shopping on-line.

I understand that in one side, companies want to sell and make their brand “present” to us. But on the other side, certain people don’t want to have unsolicited products or brands showing up on their internet browsing all the time. Just think when was you last time shopping for a trip or any product on-line. Surely, you may have received  unsolicited advertising related to your latest browsing.

On a positive side, based on the issues of privacy and security, companies are investing on new services to accommodate customers. For example, there are internet applications that are focusing on protecting your information when you are browsing on-line. Creating a niche marketing for consumers interested in buying products or applications to protect their privacy.

According to the same article: “There are steps you can take to protect your digital privacy, of course. Using a VPN can help, and so can the right privacy-focused apps and services.” 


It is interesting how the internet can evolve in creating new services that in turn will generate business. Privacy and security is one of the most invested services in the IT department for most of the companies.

In a certain sense, that same service is being sought by regular consumers. We all know that when dealing with Internet, e-commerce, social media platforms in general, the clock never stops, we always have a different product being offer out there.


One thought on “Anonymous Browsing data: It is not so anonymous anymore

  1. I think one of the biggest things we need to do is help people understand how things work — ie. how their data is being used by marketers and other groups. Then we can at least make more informed decisions.


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