How Internet changed every business

I was reading an article from Forbes magazine entitled: “3 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Change Every Business” and found curious that the author Bernad Marr, purposely placed the word EVERY, meaning  that the era of business was one before the Internet, and another after the Internet.

According to Marr; “Take John Deere DE -0.85%, for example.  For decades, they’ve sold the tractors that make farming on a 21st century scale easier and more profitable. But since 2012, they’ve added data connectivity to their equipment, giving farmers information about which crops to plant where and when, when and where to plow, and even the best route to take while plowing.  They are essentially now in the business of selling data as much as they are selling tractors“.

images-14The article highlighted 3 major factors that changed and helped business in general. The creation of smart products; the option of smarter business operations and smart decisions, and finally, a change in business model as a whole.  The list of  smart products developed are almost endless. Just think about high tech sensors and remote access to products in real-time is one of few innovations from the Internet.


Definitely it was an amazing transformation from the business stand point, comparing the business today interfacing with technology, with the business before the Internet. Now is just wait to see what the future has to offer in this never stop changing world of business and technology.



2 thoughts on “How Internet changed every business

  1. Very interesting post! It is fascinating how quickly the power of the Internet has grown in the past decade in regards to business. Although many believe that social media is always a positive force in business, do you feel like there are an equal amount of negative factors or threats?


    • I think for business the internet was more positive than negative, based on the results and the boost on the economy. However with internet (as Jared explained to us) we also gained the “trolls”… so one of the threats is brand damage and companies managing unjust attacks by unhappy customers. But in the worse case (criminally speaking) the threat of cyber attack, theft of data and related issues, is what in my opinion was the major threat for the business in the internet era.


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