Montreal Christmas tree: it was supposed to be the biggest and most beautiful one…

Montreal’s Christmas tree at Place des Arts was supposedly designed to compete with New York’s legendary Rockefeller display – but it isn’t quite living up to grand expectations.


Now lets compared with Rockefeller Christmas tree…


No wonder Montreal Christmas tree is getting attention in the social media but not for the good reasons…


“You can’t find a perfect tree!”   Said one of the supporters of the Montreal tree.

The tree has garnered so much attention, that it now has its own Twitter account!

“What you don’t have in a tree, you make up in an attitude with people,” said Christine Gordon, a New Yorker visiting Montreal.”  Global







New Air Force One: Tump vs Boeing

US elected president Donal Trump made a rare move when he tweeted that Boeing was building a new 747 Air Force One for future presidents at a cost of $4 Billion. Trump finished his tweet “Cancel, order!”

As usual the CEO of Boeing agree to discuss the cost in order to keep the sale. Trump said that this is being responsible with tax payers money. He also could had said: “Hey, if you have any problem I can keep flying on my own plane”! Not every president could say that!





If Facebook were a country… and why other social media companies failed?


I was shocked when I read for the first time that if Facebook were a country, they  would have been the third largest country in the world! But according to the Huffington Post, this has changed, and changed for better!


“If Facebook were a country, it would be the most populous nation on earth.The huge social network said Wednesday that 1.39 billion people log in to Facebook each month to scroll their News Feeds, communicate with friends and look at photos.That’s more than the entire population of China, the world’s most populous country, which the CIA last estimated to have 1.36 billion people.”The Huffington Post.

The growth is not only in online users, financially, Facebook is doing very well.

“Facebook reported revenue of $3.85 billion for the three months ending in December, up 49 percent over the same period last year. The company’s stock is trading at $76.24, up nearly 22 percent over the last 12 months.” The Huffington Post.


It was not long ago that Mark Z. was happy to announce that if Facebook were a country it would be the 8th largest in the world….


So far Facebook is doing very well, but other social media companies were not so successful, like Orkut – Google’s project lunched in 2004 – that did very well but was not able to retain “its citizens”.

The same faith for social media Friendster, MySpace, YahooBuzz, Ello (sorry, but I never heard about Ello until now…) and finally, Google Plus. From all of them only Ello and Google Plus are active. But none of them were able to take Facebook platform. But it does not mean that a new social media company, maybe boosted by Google or other corporation, will not launch something new with an innovation appeal that will change the landscape of the social media world. (6 Social Media Networks that just couldn’t make it happen)


Let’s see what would be the demographic of Facebook in the next 5 years. So far, Facebook achieved what other were unable to achieve: connect with people…



Starbucks CEO stepping down: what is the next step for Starbucks?

Howard Schultz is stepping down as chief executive of Starbucks Corp. to lead an effort at the company to build high-end coffee shops that will charge as much as $12 a cup, his next attempt to revolutionize the way Americans consume coffee.” WSJ


Howard Schultz undoubtedly increased and improved Starbucks brand to what is now 25,000 stores in the world! But that growth seems to have reach a plateau.


What is going to be the next step for Starbucks as a company? It seems that the landscape for Starbucks is being unfold as Schultz is stepping down. Schultz is trying to reach a new “vision” for the company building high-end coffee shops as Starbucks is trying to retain its loyal customers to sustain grow.

“While Starbucks continues to outperform the broader food retail industry, its sales  growth has slowed in recent quarters.”WSJ



“Analysts see plenty of risks for the new venture. If the economy falters, they say, investors won’t be too keen on Starbucks spending what some estimate will be roughly $100 million a year building fancy new stores that may draw few customers.” WSJ

Only the future will tell if Schultz was right in bringing Starbucks to a new level of premium or like some critics are saying “premiumization”:

Moving too far upscale could be a distraction to the operation of Starbucks’s traditional coffee shops. Credit Suisse analyst Jason West said: “The menu is getting complex at Starbucks. If you’re going to throw on top of that another level of premiumization and innovation and add an espresso bar, this could make things more challenging.” WSJ



Is good management a key to survive? Just ask Disney!

Walter Elias Disney founder of an idea that became one of the most successful companies in the United States.

The success of the Walt Disney Company is not only due to the talent of its founder, that saw the future of animation, but to the savvy management that took the company over the decades. Making “Disney” a trademark not exclusive in the animation business – which may had been a big mistake – but into a multi brand organization.


Disney once was a small animation studio in the early years of 1928. Today they spent into cruise line, resort, amusement theme parks, toys, video games, movies and more!


Disney as a brand seems to had evolved since the creation of Mickey Mouse in 1928 to  multi billion dollars acquisitions; like the amusement theme parks in Orlando and California and the purchase of Star Wars franchise!

“The mission of the Walt Disney Company is to be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information.”



images-5 Disney video game expansion!


Disney cruise line and private islands!

From a small animation studio to a world-class multi-level organization worth billions! According to business reports Disney held assets worth $74.5 billion dollars  with a market cap around $179 billion dollars, according to Forbes magazine!

If Disney had stayed only with the animation portion of its brand, they probably would have been bought out by another company! Instead Disney was the one that bought other companies and made an outstanding growth throughout the decades. A good example of talent and management.